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Cuvee Du President
Red Wine from the Atlas Mountains

The Area

This wine is a careful blend of the best four wines of the appellation: Mascara, Dahra, Medea, and Tlemcen. It is the result of the bringing together of the four best terroirs, the sun, the blend of varietals, and the characteristics of the different vintages.

Types of Grapes

Cuvee Du President is a blend of the choicest grapes produced each year from all over the Atlas Mountains. The goal is to achieve a harmonious blend the highlights rather than mask the individuality of each type of grape. Each year delivers a unique vintage benefiting from the most advantageous climate conditions and richest harvests from across the land.

Only the noblest lines of grapes, those with the most cherished bouquet, have survived the test of time: Carignan * Cinsault * Syrah * Cabernet-Sauvignon * Grenache Mourvedre * Alicante-Bouschet.

Sensory Qualities

Of a ruby colour, a good structure, and a oaky nose, it gains finesse with age. An alcohol of 12.5%, and total acidity of 3.3 to 3.5 g/litre give it a harmonious equilibrium in the mouth.

Smooth as Silk, Cuvee Du President has satisfied the most demanding European palates. It is robust and full bodied yet light enough to be enjoyed with salad, fish, meats and cheese.


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